What is a Form?

Forms in Microsoft Access provide a quick and efficient way to modify and insert records into your databases. The forms provide an intuitive, graphical environment that is easily navigated by anyone familiar with standard computer techniques. Forms also allow users a method of navigating through the system. Perhaps you may want to create a form where a user can select from either an input form to load data or a report to run.

Form Wizard vs. Creating Form Manually

If you are not an advanced Access user, the Form Wizard can be a very helpful tool. The Access Form Design Wizard will build a form very quickly, however the design is inadequate for any table with more than a few fields. While creating a form by hand may take a little longer, a well-designed form makes the database much easier to use. By design, the Wizard arranges the fields of the table on a form in a single column. You will probably want to group these fields into logical groups to make the screen easier to use. In order to accomplish this, you will have to select the fields on the form, move them around, and then re-arrange them in the right order. Microsoft Access provides you many choices for theses tasks in the Form Designer.

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