Microsoft Access Enterprise Support extends TheSak

Help4Access, a provider of highly affordable, database-driven business applications and services, extends The Sak’s SAP system with a custom sales support system to optimize inventory management With sales divisions in San Francisco and New York, The Sak, one of the largest handbag companies in the country, realized that the two sales divisions would need tighter… read more

Help4Access Extends National Education Foundation’s BI capabilities

Help4Access- provider of world-class professional Microsoft Access consulting services, working in conjunction with SESIdw, a Certified Tableau Business Partner, deliver advanced Business Intelligence solutions in the cloud. Founded in 1994 and based in San Francisco’s Financial District, the KIPP Foundation (Knowledge is Power Program) is a national network of schools across 20 states serving more… read more

Microsoft Access Data Breach Discovery and Assessment

Microsoft Access Data Breach Discovery and Assessment Learn how to perform a discovery and assessment of your business user’s database of choice Help4Access’ Microsoft Access Data Breach Assessment Provides: Discover Threat Potential The consequences of a data breach can be catastrophic. Patient records, trade secrets, strategic KPIs, R&D product features and intellectual property records are… read more

Data Breach Assessment

Microsoft Access Data Breach – Discovery and Assessment Learn how to reduce risk of a data breach by performing a discovery and assessment of your company’s most valuable IT assets – it’s data stored across the network living in silos of Microsoft Access database applications. Read Assessment Details   togaf togaf… read more

Microsoft Access: What is it?

Microsoft Access: What is it? Does your company’s success ride on the efficiency of your data organization? Could your employees say they spend a large amount of energy and time just trying to keep multiple forms in order, versus focusing on the actual tasks of their position? Can your current database system serve your needs… read more

Why Your Business Needs a Customized Database

It’s easy to feel that your system is good enough, but really is it? Does your current system allow you to accomplish all that you need to? Does it allow the most efficient workflow, allowing you to focus on your actual business and services? Do you feel your system is helpful or frustrating? Specialized Services… read more

Help 4 Access: MS Access Developers Making a Difference

Many times when people start to talk about software and software platforms, others’ eyes tend to glaze over, simply because of the stereotype that technology is boring and unrelated to everyday life. But this simply is not true. Help 4 Access and their expert MS Access developers have helped companies and organizations of all industries… read more

9 Things Every Good Application Development Firm Should Have

It’s prudent to hire a well-qualified and credible consulting firm. Here are nine qualities that application development firms or individual freelancers should have and be able to share with you: 1. Happy clients Preferably, those happy clients will have had the firm develop the same or very similar software to yours. Look for detailed case… read more