Our certified Microsoft Access trainers deliver on-site or remote training to fit your schedule and needs.

We have Microsoft Access training curricula designed for every level of Access developer, as well as individual tutoring.

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Optionally, training can include how to implement and use our Help4Access Solution Building Blocks™ (SBB), which fast forwards your database application toward completion.

For clients with a Microsoft Access Enterprise Support plan, training often covers both the SBBs as well as working one-on-one with a certified consultant to ensure the table structure meets Boyce-Codd 3rd Normal Form (BCNF) database normalization.  BCNF ensures the foundation of the application can scale as well as support the forms and reports which will be built on top of the database schema.  After these topics are covered the client’s developer is able to develop much of the remaining application on their own and can always call us for help and support.

In summary, the best organizations enable innovation within their departments while minimizing the risk from legacy systems.  Our Microsoft Access Training Services ensure your employees have a strong foundation to build department-level applications to quickly meet a business need while minimizing the risk of future scalability and support costs.

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