Application Support Services

On-site and off-site immediate Microsoft Access support services available nationwide.

Our company provides service delivery options that fit your needs, such as on-site and remove Access programmers and developers. Help4Access offers a full range of application maintenance and support services to ensure business continuity and your long-term business operations success.

Here at Help4Access, we understand how it can be challenging to support in-house custom database applications as they grow over time. Many of our corporate clients think of us as an extension of their IT department. So should you!

Top 10 issues we’re asked to complete:

  1. Upgrade legacy systems to today’s standards and providing ongoing support for on-premise as well as off premise or hybrid solutions.
  2. Fix bugs left by a previous developers and provide documentation and training.
  3. Eliminate database corruption issues.
  4. Increase database application performance issues.
  5. Integrate Microsoft Access and SQL Server database applications with applications such as Salesforce, Outlook, Dropbox, Constant Contact, Mailchimp, Adobe, Box, Amazon, Google and other SaaS applications.
  6. Create a functional extension of an enterprise system at the department or at the organizational level.
  7. Modernize and migrate Microsoft Access database applications to more robust technologies, such as SQL Server, Oracle, Azure, ASP.NET or Java.
  8. Develop a web or mobile (Android or Apple) version of your existing Microsoft Access database application.
  9. Combine multiple disparate database applications into a single, supportable, scalable long-term database system.
  10. Develop and deploy centralized security, audit logging, error handling, implement change management (CM) and source control mechanisms.

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