What is a Query?

The real power and advantage of having a database is not only to store information, but also the capability to retrieve and report on the stored data. A query is simply a question you ask the database to help locate specific information. It is the ability to request information from the database by combining data from multiple tables and retrieving data based on specified conditions.

If you simply want to recall the information stored in a single table, Microsoft Access allows you to open the table and scroll through the records contained within it.

Developing Queries

Microsoft Access has  a ‘Query Designer’ GUI that allows the creation of queries without SQL knowledge.

Use Query Designer to select Data Sources and fields to be returned by and then dragging them into the grid. Joining tables are created by clicking and dragging the fields from one tables to to another. MS Access users can view and modify SQL code if needed. Any Access table, including linked tables from different data sources, can be used in a query.