Customer Profile

Sector: Education
Industry: Educational Products

The book supplier is a full service resource for customers. The company offers thousands of books from major publishers along with many small, independent presses. The company provides their customers with in person one on one service along with the convenience of ordering products online.

Business Situation

The company offers thousands of books in their catalog from many different book manufacturers. Tracking the books offered by all their manufacturers was becoming very time consuming and unorganized. A system was needed to manage the books in the company’s catalog.


The Titles Management System provides an efficient method to manage the catalog of books. Titles and other relevant information can be easily be added or modified. The system provides reporting to allow the identification of books that are no longer being manufactured.

Updating the Website Catalog

A process was setup to upload the entire catalog from the Access system to the company’s website. This process is highly automated and simple to run. This ensures that the internet users have access to the latest book catalog. Keeping the internet catalog in sync with the company’s master catalog is effortless and requires minimal time.