Student Activity Tracking Database Application

Custom-built student tracking application monitors and reports on student academic plans, performance, accomplishments, projects and institutional contributions for Department of Food Science.


Financial Reporting and Systems Integration

Integration of accounting and financial reporting systems to meet regulatory requirements and increase transaction processing capabilities from $250,000 to $1.5 million per day.

Time Warner Telecom

Telecom Provisioning System

Telecommunications Corp (TWTC), one of the nation’s leading providers of managed networking solutions across 30 states, nearly missed a lucrative market opportunity due to limitations in its ordering software, when new laws were passed
allowing it to pursue the residential market.

Laradon Hall

Client Management System

more than 60 years, Laradon Hall focused on its important, critically-needed mission as one of Colorado’s largest facilities providing quality care serving children and adults with special needs. But now it faced a daunting task: how to
manage more than 2,000 clients in an economy in which state and federal funding was being cut.


Forms Storage and Retrieval

an affordable, easy-to-use database application that can collect, analyze and generate reports from large amounts of information in highly detailed education plans, goal-setting and progress reports for more than 800 current and 1,000
former special education students.