Help4Access, a provider of highly affordable, database-driven business applications, services, and Mircosoft Access support, extends The Sak’s SAP system with a custom sales support system to optimize inventory management

With sales divisions in San Francisco and New York, The Sak, one of the largest handbag companies in the country, realized that the two sales divisions would need tighter integration of sales forecasting in order to optimize production scheduling and just-in-time inventory control. TheSak turned to Help4Access to build an integrated sales support system using the Microsoft Access 2010 platform.

According to Sasha Froyland, Help4Access Founder and CEO, “This isn’t as unusual as it might seem. Many large organizations with specialized business models such as TheSak, quickly realize that their Enterprise Level Systems aren’t always the most cost-effective solution for every business requirement. As the fastest prototyping tool in the world, Microsoft Access is the perfect tool to extend these systems and deliver a working product in a fraction of the time required to develop a traditional enterprise level solution.”

Help4Access’s Engineering team quickly turned TheSak’s high-level business requirements, requiring hundreds of programming hours, into high quality, bug-free, application code.

“We leveraged all our core competencies in our effort to complete this high profile project for TheSak,” explains Sasha. “Our business analysts worked tightly with the sales divisions on both the east and west cost, and our Engineering team worked overtime to deliver a solid database application customized to TheSak’s specific reporting requirements. ”

The Help4Access team developed an Access database that enabled TheSak to deploy a comprehensive solution to their sales divisions across the country at a fraction of the cost required to build similar functionality within SAP. The ability to tightly integrate sales forecasts and productions schedules with SAP significantly improved their overall production efficiency, which in turn reduced operating costs by optimizing their just-in-time inventory control process.

“There’s no question that large companies with specialized business models such as TheSak need the power of SAP’s Enterprise Resource Planning system to meet their demanding needs,” Froyland said, adding “on the other hand, custom software solutions developed by Help4Access on the Microsoft Access platform have the perfect balance of performance, low cost and low risk. It’s our ability to create a seamless fit with the Enterprise Level System that deliver a very high rate of return to our clients.”

About Help4Access

Founded in 1994 by Sasha Froyland, Help4Access is a Microsoft Certified Partner that has provided Microsoft Access help and delivered more than 800 highly affordable, powerful, database-driven applications for clients ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to small startups.

Help4Access is an MS Access developer that specializes in using Microsoft Access-driven solutions for back-office automation and the freeing of valuable business information and data trapped in Excel spreadsheets and unconnected applications. The company’s Database Professionals have wide and deep experience in every major industry–finance, biosciences, healthcare, education, e-commerce, nonprofit, insurance, law, manufacturing, government and technology.

Help4Access’ founding principle is to grow the business one successful customer at a time. If your company is in need of Access support, contact us today!

About The Sak

The Sak Brand Group is one of the largest handbag companies in the country, offering multiple, highly differentiated handbag brands, through specialized points of distribution. The Sak Brand Group designs and manufactures six distinct handbag brands – The Sak, Elliott Lucca, FreeBird, sakroots, Luxy and Lina.