For more than 60 years, Laradon Hall focused on its important, critically-needed mission as one of Colorado’s largest facilities providing quality care serving children and adults with special needs. But now it faced a daunting task: how to manage more than 2,000 clients with special needs in an economy in which state and federal funding was being cut.

The Challenge : Lack of a centralized client management system

Laradon Hall built a reputation as a nationally renowned facility for children and adults with special needs. However, its growth became too much for its simple spreadsheet-based management system.

According to Laradon co-founder Joseph Calabrese “Without a centralized database, our staff could no longer effectively manage our clients, billing or cash flow. With over 2,000 clients and growing, the lack of a centralized database was impacting our ability to serve our clients and threatening our survival as an organization.”

Like other special needs facilities in Colorado, Joseph and co-founder Elizabeth Calabrese considered using the Colorado Center Boards (CCB) to help manage client-services billing to the state. The problem, according to Elizabeth, was that “the CCB charge a 3% gross services fee, and with annual billings in excess of $5 million, it would cost us roughly $150,000 a year in service fees.”

The Solution : Microsoft Access driven Client Management and Billing System

During their research for alternative solutions, the Calabreses discovered ClientCare360, a client management and billing system designed by Help4Access specifically for disabilities service providers. Help4Access’ ClientCare360 system gave Laradon the ability to have a complete 360-degree view of the client relationship, as well as providing an integrated and comprehensive set of client management services.

At the heart of the ClientCare360 system is an expertly modified Microsoft Access database, which provides the substantial cost savings of Access, but with added power, stability and security. Using an expertly modified Access database, Help4Access was able to design this comprehensive Client Management and Billing system in a centralized, secure and easy-to-use database application.

The Benefits: Microsoft Access increases productivity and cash flow

Service agencies without a centralized database to gather, store and process client billing information often bill only monthly, missing out on important opportunities to speed up cash flow. ClientCare360’s expertly modified Microsoft Access database not only saves money by eliminating service fees, but also increases cash flow by enabling the provider to shorten its billing cycle, resulting in much faster payments.

In addition to eliminating fees and improving cash flow, Help4Access’ ClientCare360 provides substantial cost savings by automating many of the manual back office functions needed to manage clients and prepare State billing. Program managers and administrators also save significant research time, because client data is consolidated and centralized in the Microsoft Access client database.

Unlike competitors providing online client billing services that charge as much as $130 per active client, the cost-effective, Microsoft Access-driven ClientCare360 runs on the provider’s existing system at one-third of the price.

Sasha Froyland, founder and CEO of Help4Access says ClientCare360 was expressly designed as an affordable, centralized client management and billing system for service providers. “We wanted to save them time and money, increase cash flow and allow them the time to provide better care for their clients,” Sasha says, adding “we are immensely proud of the fact that our solution is doing exactly that.”

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About ClientCare360

Founded in 1997 by Sasha Froyland, ClientCare360 provides comprehensive client management and billing functionality designed to meet the specific requirements of special needs service providers. The package offers a 360-degree view of the client and client billing capabilities in a single, easy-to-use cost effective solution which helps to reduce operating cost, improve cash flow, and enhance customer care.

About Help4Access

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