One of the main reasons that MS Access is the number one database solution for small businesses is the  significantly lower cost compared to large database solutions with high overhead costs for set-up and maintenance.  The are a number of reasons why MS Access is a more economical database solution including:

Access Cost

Microsoft Access is virtually free. If your computers already have the Microsoft Office Professional Suite of business products installed that is automatically bundled as part of Microsoft Office Professional, Microsoft Access is already available and there is no additional database software that is required.

Development Cost

The popularity of MS Access as resulted in a tremendous number of MS Access resources to select from.  These resources are often very competitively prices and significantly less than SQL Server or Oracle consultants. Also keep in mind that even a very complex Access database can be developed in roughly half the time and cost of other database solutions.

Set-up and Maintenance

Set-up and maintenance of MS Access is much less expensive compared to complex database solutions such as Oracle or SQL Server due to the simplified approach of Access.

No Installation Required

Access can be packaged in a Run-Time environment if specialized customization of screen or reports is not required.  A full install of MS Access is not required when using the Run-Time option so you can distribute it freely throughout the organization at no additional cost.

Access Support

The number of trained MS Access consultants available for support far exceed that of any other  database desktop solution which means you have broad range of qualified candidates to choose from at very competitive prices.