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Integration client management and billing enables better service to special needs clients

Many client-facing organizations operate on limited funding while striving to provide the best possible care for their clients. As a result, these organizations are forced to rely on a patchwork of functionality pulled from a hodgepodge of applications like spreadsheets and email. They may need to jump from one application to another to complete a single task, re-enter information multiple times, and construct reports manually. This labor-intensive approach takes up time that could be better spent providing care or services to clients. Help4Access analyzed the workflow and requirements of such care providers and determined that an integrated, multi-user system with carefully designed data tables and a simple interface is the most cost-effective solution.

Comprehensive “ERP” for small non-profits

For special needs providers that are dependent on public funding, much-needed technology can often exceed their budget. Help4Access ClientCare360 provides an ideal solution for care providers to escape from spreadsheets and elevate their administrative processes. Help4Access provides the perfect price, donating the software to qualified organizations. Help4Access charges only for necessary customization, and for hosting of the application.

ClientCare360 meets the varied needs of special needs providers with its six completely integrated components: admittance, assessment, program placement, grant funding, attendance, and financial reporting. By centralizing and integrating these functions, ClientCare360 makes it easy for special needs providers to enter, access, and report on their data, manage their client load, perform all billing tasks, and create a myriad of reports.

How a free solution can “pay for itself”: Integrated billing boosts cash flow

ClientCare360 streamlines and improves billing capabilities which can significantly boost cash flow, resulting in lower overall operating costs. Providers can achieve additional cost savings because of the centralized client database provided as part of the ClientCare360 software. Capturing and storing all client data in a single location eliminates duplicate entries and makes it easier for managers and administrators to find the information they need and produce the reports they require.

Similar packages offered by competing vendors charge as much as $130 per client. By contrast, says Sasha Froyland, CEO of Help4Access, “With ClientCare360 we have developed a cost-effective product that makes centralized client management available to special needs providers. The package both saves them time and brings in money by increasing cash flow and allowing them to provide better care to their clients.”

Help4Access donates 100 percent of the software cost for its ClientCare360 system to help children and adults with developmental disabilities.

Takeaway: Would your organization benefit from ClientCare360? Contact Help4Access to see if you qualify to receive your software license free of charge.