Customer Profile

Sector: Medical Diagnosis
Industry: Anatomical Pathology
$10.6 Million

This medical diagnosis company is a worldwide leader in development, manufacturing, and supply of quality product solutions for the Anatomical Pathology Laboratory. The company also has sister companies in Canada and Europe.

Business Situation

The company uses their Market Tracking System to import sales activity data. They massage the data so that it can be produced into meaningful reports. This application is essential since it provides detailed analysis of customer purchasing activity and salesperson productivity. A new type of sales method was created to better serve their customers and generate sales. The current application was not able to accommodate this new sales method. Due to the complexity of the application, the company needed professional expertise in adding the new functionality into the system.


Market Tracking System

Every aspect of the current system was analyzed to document the various areas of the system that would have to be changed due to the new sales method. Once the analysis was complete, the Access Programmers team went to work to update the system’s import processing, screens, and reports to handle the new sales method. After the solution was delivered, the company was able to improve the managing of their new sales method through the customized updates and reports produced.

The Access Programmers team provided documentation on the changes along with instructions on adding additional sales entries for the new method. This allowed the company to update their system in the future without further assistance.