Help4Access- a provider of world-class professional Microsoft Access software development solutions successfully extends support to Seminis’ worldwide distribution network

St. Louis based Seminis is the largest developer, grower and marketer of vegetable seeds in the world. Their hybrids improve nutrition, boost crop yields, limit spoilage and reduce the need of chemicals.

Critical to Seminis’ success is their ability to manage an extensive and rapidly growing portfolio of hybrid seeds. Their existing systems lacked the features needed to track the history and performance of each seed, and their inventory systems were no longer able to efficiently manage their worldwide distribution of seeds.

Seminis turned to their trusted provider of custom software applications, Help4Access, to renovate and extend their existing Midas Central Labbook and Apollo Greenhouse Manager suite of applications to include genetic history and seed performance, as well as improve their overall inventory control system.

According to Sasha Froyland, Help4Access Founder and CEO, “Seminis is a classic example of the need to evolve internal management systems as a company’s product and distribution requirements increase. Companies often turn to us to renovate, extend or completely replace their original systems.”

Help4Access’s Engineering team hit the ground running and quickly designed a solution that would seamlessly integrate with the existing SQL Server / .NET applications. The team also devised a plan to create an MS Access 2010 database solution to serve as an inventory control sub-system running in conjunction with the other systems.

As Sasha goes on to explain, “We leveraged all our core competencies in our effort to complete this critical project for Seminis. Our business analysts and Engineering team worked closely with them to deliver a series of rock solid database applications designed to meet their existing needs and to scale as they continue to expand into new products and markets.“

The Help4Access team went on to implement a wireless barcode scanner and other management controls to improve the quality of data used to track the increasingly complex history of seed production and performance.

Sasha sums it up by saying “We’re very proud to be able to assist Seminis with their inventory and product management systems that are key to boosting crop yields, improving nutrition and reducing the use of chemicals in agricultural products. This is a perfect example of how MS Access can continue to solve critical business issues as a company’s requirements evolve into greater complexity and scope. Custom software solutions developed by Help4Access on the Microsoft Access and SQL platforms have the perfect balance of performance, low cost and low risk that all come together to deliver a very high rate of return.”

About Help4Access
Founded by Sasha Froyland, Help4Access has successfully completed over 800 custom database applications to companies that range in size from large Fortune 500 to small start up companies in every industry. Help4Access has been in business since 1994, is a Microsoft Certified Partner with a focused dedication to delivering Microsoft Access solutions and is uniquely capable of offering exceptionally deep world-class database consulting services to their customers. Help4Access’s highly experienced business analysts and engineering team are able to automate back-office tasks and reduce or eliminate an organization’s dependency of siloed data trapped in Excel spreadsheets. Help4Access continues to operate under the founding principals of growing their business one successful customer at a time.

About Seminis
Seminis is the world’s leading developer, producer and marketer of vegetable seeds. Its products are designed to reduce the need for agricultural chemicals, increase crop yield, reduce spoilage, offer longer shelf life, and create better-tasting foods and foods with higher nutritional content. Seminis has established a worldwide presence and global sales and distribution network that spans 150 countries and territories. For more information on Seminis visit the company’s Web

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