Help4Access, a provider of highly affordable, database-driven business applications and services, announced it has delivered a data-management solution that will enable Baum Hedlund Law to better protect the rights of children born with birth defects.

Baum Hedlund Law has for more than 20 years championed the causes of consumers by holding corporations and other entities accountable when their products or actions cause harm.  With offices in Los Angeles, Washington D.C., and Seattle, Baum Hedlund specializes in personal injury and wrongful death, and class-action lawsuits resulting from transportation accidents and pharmaceutical drug liability.

The law firm needed to manage the large client pool of a pharmaceutical drug class-action lawsuit, filed on behalf of children born with birth defects resulting from pharmaceutical drugs taken by their mothers during pregnancy. Baum Hedlund Law had previously used an ACT Contact Management database.  In order to expand its data management capabilities, the firm undertook a project to decommission the ACT database, design and build an MS Access application designed specifically for this purpose, then migrate the existing data into an SQL database on a shared server for use by the MS Access application.

“When you are dealing with this volume of data, you need stability and speed, as well as the ability to track and report data at a very granular level,” said Sasha Froyland, Help4Access Founder and CEO. “Data issues in this situation can impact the life of a disabled child.”

Froyland explained why the MS Access/SQL database solution was a great fit for the law firm’s needs: “Microsoft Access is the perfect platform to build custom database applications rapidly and at a fraction of the price of traditionally developed software solutions.”

Help4Access’s engineering team dove right in, performing critical bug fixes and completing small enhancements to the new data management solution.  Their ability to rapidly turn around key functionality ensured Baum Hedlund Law had the capabilities they needed without the time and expense often associated with creating this kind of robust and customized data management solution.

The Help4Access engineering team leveraged their expertise in a wide range of technologies including SQL Server, MS Access 2007, Remote Desktop, and VPN in order to provide Baum Hedlund Law with the right solution in the right time frame.

With this strategy in place, Baum Hedlund is able to continue pursuing class action claims for key clients like children born with birth defects resulting from pharmaceutical drugs taken by their mothers during pregnancy.

About Help4Access
Help4Access is a provider of highly affordable, data-driven business applications and services. Over the past 15 years the company has built more than 800 custom applications for a wide variety of businesses, educational institutions and nonprofit organizations.

Founded by Sasha Froyland, Help4Access has successfully completed over 800 custom database application solutions for companies ranging in size from large Fortune 500 to small start-up companies in every industry. Help4Access is a Microsoft Certified Partner and focuses on delivering Microsoft Access solutions.

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