Help4Access, a provider of highly affordable, data-driven business applications, successfully builds a comprehensive procurement system for MagTec Alaska.

MagTec Alaska, LLC is a cutting-edge provider of flameless heating equipment and Tier III generators.  Based in Kenai, Alaska, the company has contributed to the oil, gas, and mining industries for more than 25 years.  This experience and expertise uniquely qualifies them to understand the specific types of heat and power needs found only in Alaska.  They rent, lease, and sell specialty flameless heating equipment that provides highly efficient heat while while staying within industry emissions standards guidelines.  In order to operate at effectively as possible and ensure they were providing their customers with excellent service, MagTec decided to invest in an automated system to assist with the procurement process from start to finish.

Magtec Alaska looked to Help4Access in order to meet the specific needs of their business as MagTec’s business requirements were unique enough to require the design and development of a custom application.  The system would need to provide functionality supporting the entire procurement process beginning with order intake and continuing through to the servicing and retention of customers.   Additionally, any solution would have to support the procurement of parts and provision of any maintenance or repair services.

According to Sasha Froyland, Help4Access Founder and CEO, “Magtec Alaska realized that in order to make the most of their technology investment, they needed a comprehensive  solution that was built to meet their specific needs.  Because Microsoft Access is the fastest prototyping tool in the world, it was the perfect platform to rapidly build the custom functions needed to meet the business requirements.

Help4Access’s engineering team worked closely with MagTec’s subject matter experts to get a feel for their high level business requirements and then dove into the details in order to understand exactly what was needed to improve effectiveness and increase efficiency.  This detailed understanding of the customer’s requirements allowed them to create the best solution at the best price.  Utilizing the built-in power of Microsoft Access, the team took the project from conceptual design to high-quality application, meeting MagTec’s needs across the board.

“By leveraging our key competencies, our team was able to provide MagTec Alaska with a comprehensive procurement system that includes all the functionality required to meet their needs and expectations.”  added Froyland.  “By partnering with the team members from MagTec, we were able to provide a rapidly-developed, fully-customized solution that met their need for cost-effective functionality.

The Help4Access team designed and built a custom Microsoft Access solution that supports MagTec Alaska’s procurement process from beginning to end.  The system supports order intake, tracking and processing of purchase orders, tasks related to material requisition, ordering, inventory, part sales, customer service functions and supply management.  By tying the different pieces of the procurement process together into a single application, this solution increases MagTec’s efficiency and provides them with robust data management and reporting functions.

Froyland added “For small businesses, custom-built solutions using MS Access 2010 are a cost-effective way to get the functionality they need at the price they can afford.   All custom solutions designed and developed by Help4Access using the Microsoft Access platform provide just the right balance between performance and cost, between functionality and risk.

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