Help4Access,  a provider of highly affordable, data-driven business applications and services, successfully implemented a customized business development solution for the Hamilton Company in Switzerland.

An international company specializing in designing and manufacturing robotics, liquid handling, automated storage solutions, and process analytics, the Hamilton Company has headquarters in Massachusetts, Nevada and Bonaduz, Switzerland. The company has  regional offices throughout the world.

In order to provide a high level of service and support for current and potential customers in China, the company needed a way to capture, track, and report on its business development opportunities in that market.

To meet this need, Hamilton turned to Help4Access to migrate and host its customer relationship management (CRM) system.  The solution provided by Help4Access gives Hamilton a more accessible way to track leads and prospects as well as better reporting and exporting capabilities, increasing the likelihood that it will win more contracts. The project focused on business development opportunities and customer relationship management specific to the Chinese market in order to support growth targets in that region.

Sasha Froyland, Help4Access Founder and CEO, explains how Help4Access’s access migrating service helped Hamilton Bonaduz AG meet its goal.  “Hamilton has significant growth potential in China, but like many other companies, its existing systems were not able to provide the robust capabilities needed to leverage available opportunities and achieve business development goals.  By migrating access to the cloud, companies like Hamilton get the best of both worlds – robust, custom solutions that are easily accessible from more than one location.  Our access migration services and customized hosting solutions are a great fit for Hamilton’s specific project needs.”

The Help4Access business analysts went on to work with Hamilton team members located in 5 different countries to identify their high level and detailed business requirements.  This partnership enabled Help4Access’s engineering team to recommend and implement the right solutions on a rapid timeline.

“Because Help4Access has expertise in migrating MS Access to the cloud and providing  hosting services post migration, we were able to solve Hamilton’s business problem quickly and efficiently. We made use of all our core competencies in order to implement this business critical solution for the company,” Froyland said. “The exceptional teamwork exhibited by our business analyst and engineering teams in partnership with the team from Hamilton enabled delivery of an effective, efficient solution customized to Hamilton’s specific requirements.

“Customized solutions using MS Access 2010, SQL Azure, MS Excel, and the cloud are cost-effective ways to achieve specific business development goals. The customer-centric solutions provided by Help4Access provide the perfect balance of performance and accessibility with low cost and low risk.  For clients, this means getting the technology they need when they need it at a cost that enables them to get a high rate of return on their investment,” Froyland said.

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Help4Access is a provider of highly affordable, data-driven business applications and services. Since 1998 the company has built more than 800 custom applications for a wide variety of businesses, educational institutions and nonprofit organizations.

Founded by Sasha Froyland, Help4Access has successfully completed over 800 custom database application solutions for companies ranging in size from large Fortune 500 to small start-up companies in every industry. Help4Access is a Microsoft Certified Partner and focuses on delivering Microsoft Access solutions.

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