coryMr. Thompson is a Microsoft Certified senior MS Access Developer and SQL Server Expert with Help4Access in Seattle, Washington, with over 15+ years of database development experience.

Database Application Developers need to consistently have a focus on cost-effective, results-driven business value for every client. Mr. Thompson not only has this focus, but also delivers on exceptional skills in rapid application development, cloud computing, and data migration. He produces results while maintaining a focus on customer service. Mr. Thompson has worked with some of the largest companies in Seattle on projects such as database application development, excel spreadsheet automation, iPad and iPhone integration, and much more.

A small list of Mr. Thompson’s clients includes: Starbucks, Amazon,, REI, Eddie Bauer, Waggener Edstrom, and Perkins Coie.


  • Microsoft Access
  • Database Application Development
  • Excel Spreadsheet Automation
  • Customer service
  • Results-driven business value
  • Access Application Development
  • Cloud Computing
  • SQL Server


  • Creates tabbed forms with VBA functions using ADO to import Excel worksheets based on user input through an open file dialog box.
  • Forms include subform with amortization data representing a one-to-many relationship. Forms are based on complex query using over ten tables.
  • Creates reports called from form to build SQL statements based on user’s selection of multiselect listbox and date range from pop calendar forms.
  • Creates export functionality for data in VBA using DAO.
  • Adds and modifies fields on custom table on back-end SQL Server.
  • Develops MS Access report applications for pricing analysis of re-marketed cars.
  • Automates data extracting, reporting and analysis function in MS Access using VBA.
  • Creation of a client-server Microsoft Access database using VBA code to track global organization usage of reporting packages by worldwide teams.
  • Creates an automation process to import various Excel spreadsheets into the database.
  • Recreated paradox accounts payable application in MS Access using VBA for right of way services.
  • Programmed semi-automated installation routines including SQL scripts to update back-end objects and data.
  • Modified and wrote new stored procedures and views as detailed in business requirement document.
  • Primary developer of Microsoft Access 2000 and MSDE application to track business.
  • Gathers user requirements, designed and developed tables, relationships and user interface.
  • Migrates data from AS400 to MSDE (SQL Server 7.0).
  • Upsized Microsoft Access 2000 database application to SQL Server 2000.

Honors & Awards:

  • Circle of Excellence
  • Presidents Club


  • MCPD-Microsoft Certified Professional Developer
  • MCDBA-Microsoft Certified Database Administrator

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