JamesCoughlinHeadShot-150x150Mr. Coughlin is a senior Microsoft Access Developer, Data Modeler and Systems Analyst with Help4Access in San Francisco, California, with more than 26 years of experience in the software, high-tech, financial services and manufacturing industries.

Mr. Coughlin is a world-class data evangelist with a deep understanding of, and experience in leveraging technology innovations to ensure his clients achieve high data quality and a single unified version of the truth. From OLAP to OLTP, from XML to Star and Snowflake schemas, Mr. Couglin is a seasoned professional with a long list of successful data-centric projects.

His key clients include: Applied Materials, AOL, Equity Holding Corporation, IntelliRisk Management, Lexis Nexis, McDonnell Douglas, US Department of the Navy, Visa and Wells Fargo.


  • Microsoft Access Application Development
  • Office Automation / Integration Tools
  • Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)
  • Microsoft Visual Studio | .NET
  • SQL Server | Oracle | PostgreSQL | MySQL
  • Expert SQL Query Writer | XML | PERL
  • ERwin, Embarcadero ER-Studio and Sybase PowerDesigner
  • SuperLuminate Data Dictionary


  • The enhancement, Q.A. and design of Business Portfolio Management software. The application allows users to define project revenue streams and schedules, capital expenses, FTE demands and user selectable quantitative objectives. The application determines the optimal project mix (solution) using a linear algebraic evaluation engine. Mr. Coughlin also developed an ad-hoc query application that uses Visual Basic, XML and XSLT to produce SQL behind the scenes, producing both detail and summarization results that may be exported to Excel. The users did not need knowledge of the underlying database schema or relationship(s) between tables in order to produce complex output. Office automation was used extensively. The application is implemented using Visual Basic, VBA, the Microsoft Jet (Access) database engine, (WSH) scripting, VBA automation and HTA applications.
  • Developed a Microsoft Access database application and PERL utility to track home foreclosure information by “scraping” websites for foreclosure information.
  • Designed and implementation of a Microsoft Access front-end application with MS SQL Server back-end for the purpose of tracking experimental runs with associated recipes, yield results and engineering metrics in the manufacturing of wafers. The application allows for the association of supporting document files including image files to be associated with experimental runs via drag-and-drop.
  • Mr. Coughlin, in the role of Chief Architect and Management Team Lead, on multiple projects, over the course of 19+ years, led and contributed to the design and implementation of solutions which required full life cycle development from first contact through delivery and training. All projects required business analysis (business process workflow, the statement of business objectives and the definition of metrics to measure the success of the implementation and the meeting of the stakeholder’s objectives).
  • Documentation often included:
      • Requirements Definition
      • Use Case
      • Scenario Definition
      • Business Process Workflow
      • Sequence Diagrams
      • Architecture Specifications
      • Data Modeling
      • Test Plan Specifications
      • Deployment and Operational Documentation
      • Strategic Conversion Plans
      • Programming Specifications
      • Class Diagrams
      • Interface Definitions
      • State Transition Diagrams
      • User Interface Specifications
      • Q.A Documentation
      • Development of Unit Test Cases
      • Development of Regression Test Suites



    • Mr. Coughlin graduated from the Chabot College, California.

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