Karen-Franks-150x150Mrs. Franks is a senior MS Access Developer with Help4Access in Portland, Oregon, with more than 31 years of database development and customer service experience with clients such as CH2M Hill, Umpqua Bank, Intel, Mentor Graphics, Nike, and Oregon Health & Science University.

Mrs. Franks brings to every client engagement an intense focus on customer service. Through her exceptional understanding of each client’s needs and strong communication and project management, she delivers results-driven business value to every unique client. Her areas of expertise include Excel spreadsheet automation, database application development, reporting, and data migration. She has worked on a wide variety of projects, both large and small, for clients throughout Oregon.


  • Microsoft Access
  • Excel Spreadsheet Automation
  • Database Application Development
  • Customer service
  • Results-driven business value


  • Designs data models and uses database programming with ADO within Access.
  • Mines patterns and trends with data to provide important trends and insights for large datasets using Excel/Access.
  • Develops outlier detection algorithms and validates them to evaluate performance.
  • Writes lookup feature to customer tracking database in Access.
  • Creates SQL statements for select function in VBA.
  • Creation of an automated system using a Microsoft Access client-server database using VBA code to import Microsoft Excel data from multiple vendors and parse the data into specific tables in the database. This database is being used to perform multiple searches and also track vendor contacts and other various activities.
  • Creation of SQL Server backend (tables, stored procedures, etc.) for use with Access database front end.
  • Imports data from Microsoft Excel to a new database to track quotes within the company. This also includes a way to search the original Access database plus run various searches against the existing quotes in the database.
  • Imports data from Microsoft Excel to a new database to track inventory within the company.
  • Works on an MS Access front end system (using SQL 7.0 as the back end). This system used VBA, stored procedures and extensive use of ADO.
  • Maintain and fix bugs using VBA, ADO, stored procedures and triggers.
  • Work with MS Excel spreadsheets using macros and VBA.
  • Developed form to modify related account data on Tax Payment Management system in MS Access.
  • Add error trapping function throughout Tax Payment Management system in MS Access.
  • Created MS Access application to import flat files with tax payment account data and output flat files.
  • Designs and develops Microsoft Access database to handle and route incoming calls.

Honors & Awards:

  • Best Customer Service Award
  • Top Developer of the Year


  • MCPD-Microsoft Certified Professional Developer
  • MCDBA-Microsoft Certified Database Administrator

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