Mr. Knight is a senior Microsoft Access Developer with Help4Access in New York, with more than 11 years of database development and customer service experience with clients such as Seneca, Sirius Satellite Radio, Starwood and Verizon.

Mr. Knight provides superior Microsoft Access consulting services to a wide range of companies throughout New York. His key areas of strength include Access application development, cloud computing, database programming, and SQL Server applications. His clients appreciate not only his superior technical skills, but also his exceptional customer service and his ability to understand their needs and develop database solutions that are cost effective and provide results-driven business value to the organization.


  • Cloud Computing
  • Access Application Development
  • Access VBA
  • Customer service
  • Results-driven business value


  • Develops automated templates using Microsoft Access Data Objects to perform data processing tasks – removes duplicates, append/merge, match datasets and indexed
  • Establishes extraction, transformation and loading layers using Access for processing large datasets
  • Develops Access Data Macros for Auditing purposes
  • Interfaces SQL Server with Access
  • Develops MS Access database from survey system to evaluates performance
  • Creates tables to store information on survey, evaluation and financial sales data for analysis.
  • Writes VBA to import MS Excel files directly into MS Access
  • Creates MS Access 2007 client/server databases to track customer buying information; this involves creating the table design and structure of the database, the creation of multiple input forms and multiple reports
  • Cleanse the imported Excel data to be able to parse it into multiple tables
  • Technical Lead for the design and creation of a SQL Server back end database for the company website using MS Access Project and Visual Basic
  • Creates automation processes to import data from Excel into SQL Server using VBA code
  • Creates various stored procedures to implement the import process
  • Designs and creates various maintenance forms and reports
  • Involved in setting up MS-Access queries to track winnings for prize team
  • Designs and develops MS Access and MSDE applications to handle recruiting
  • Performs extensive data migration using queries and VBA code
  • Designs and develops Microsoft Access 2000 budgeting application to handle multi-million dollar labor costs
  • Application took advantage of the Microsoft Access replication and security features to collect data from numerous branches across the nation
  • Technologies used: VBA, SQL, MS Access, ASP, DAO, Local Area Networking Client/Server Development, Microsoft Access Replication/Synchronization

Honors & Awards:

  • Gold Circle
  • Application Developer of the Year


  • MCPD-Microsoft Certified Professional Developer
  • MCDBA-Microsoft Certified Database Administrator

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