robert hendrickson senior microsoft access consultant san francisco californiaMr. Hendrickson is a senior Microsoft Access Developer, SQL Server DBA and Project Manager with Help4Access in San Francisco, California, with more than 23 years of experience within the financial services, education and healthcare industries.

Mr. Hendrickson brings an enterprise approach to Microsoft Access custom database application development, propelling clients’ visions while insuring tremendous return on their IT investments. A brief list of top Fortune 500 clients include: Visa, Citicorp, Bank of the West, Alamo Capital, UCSF Medical Center, Veteran’s Administration (VA), Duke and Vanderbilt Universities, International Traveler’s Medical Clinic, Symantec and Levi-Strauss.


  • Access Application Development
  • SharePoint
  • SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • Cloud Computing
  • Customer service
  • Results driven business value


  • Designed numerous tools to support the collection of DNA samples, images, and diagnostic data from 12 epilepsy centers. On-site work at NYU, Columbia (Presbyterian), Emory, and UCSF.
  • Designed and developed tool to keep track of skin tests and allergy shots. Included PDA data capture. Highly detailed reporting.
  • Redesigned and enhanced clinical tool to track patient visit and medical records. Extensive login and reconnect features.
  • MS Genetics Project. Research project involving hundreds of thousands of participants.  Redesigned and enhanced tool to monitor repository of blood samples and experiments.
  • Designed and developed tool to monitor grant applications, then interface with Solomon accounting package (SQL Server) to support awards and allocations.
  • Cardiac surgery rehabilitation assistance program. Dynamic questionnaires; follow-up communication; automated read-only interface with VistA.
  • Multiple research projects. (NMSC, Values, PSA.) Enhanced RDB. Designed and developed tools to monitor communication with participating patients; analysis questionnaire. Extensive use of Access and Mail-Merge.
  • Substance Abuse Clinic. Redesigned and enhanced clinical tool to track patient visit and medical records. Implements RPC Broker to link directly to VistA. TELEform.
  • Mental Health Services. Tools to interface with VistA and provide Director and 14 Chiefs with patient/clinician assignment information. Reminders, appointments, visits, progress notes, clinician panel and communications tools. MS Access, SharePoint, SQL Server. SSMS.
  • Clinical Research Office. Designed and developed tool to monitor and confirm qualifications and approval of clinical research projects – human studies – and staff involved.
  • Veterans Justice Outreach Program. Search and grouping tools to view lists of veterans.
  • Duke and Vanderbilt Universities, Consolidated MS Genetics project. Designed tool to support sharing of research data through automated, secure email transfer.
  • UAB Hospital, Epilepsy Center. Designed and developed MRI/PET/SPECT/MSI scoring tool.
  • International Traveler’s Medical Clinic. Designed patient monitoring and vaccination history tool. Multi-clinic model for web-based tool.
  • Bank of the West. Wealth management. Various tools to support private banking: incentive reward calculation; multiple collections of internal referral data. Nationwide, Access/SharePoint.
  • National Finance Group. Tool to monitor state license renewal process and statute review for all lending operations owned by Bank of the West.
  • Symantec, Mountain View CA. Tool to consolidate 150 ongoing project updates. Extensive VB to automate Excel and MS Access, SharePoint.
  • Designed OLAP tool (MS/Access, ODBC links to DB2) to analyze/monitor all projects for planning division. Multiple RDBs to compare estimates to actuals.
  • Designed project management tool to facilitate Gantt chart logic and traditional development phases, along with monitoring of consultant’s production.
  • Specialized in AP, PO, AR and GL modules of two independent accounting packages. (One VAX and COBOL, the other C/S and GemBase) for troubleshooting purposes. Extensive interfacing with users and programmers. AR Lead; three assistants.
  • Citicorp. Designed and wrote comparative analysis of RMS flat-file Accounts Receivable package and RDB/Client Server version; migration plan; commitment accounting training manual.
  • 1986-1989. Financial Analyst.
  • Designed and programmed database environment for salvage business. Handles inventory, invoices, customer accounts, marketing data; peer-to-peer network, DataFlex.


  • Limitations of Wada memory asymmetry as a predictor of outcomes after temporal lobectomy, Neurology. 2005 Sep 13;65(5):659. Co-authored.
  • Editor-in-chief of newsletters.
    • Ross Systems (1993-1996)
    • Visa migration project to new Transaction Processing System (1999-2000.)


  • Mr. Hendrickson earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Montana, Missoula and an MBA from the University of Denver, Colorado.

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