umair khan senior microsoft access consultant walnut creek californiaLocated in San Francisco, California, Mr. Khan is an SQL Server Database Administrator, Microsoft Access Developer, Consultant, and Project Manager with more than 15 years of experience supporting clients in the fields of engineering, youth services, financial analysis, and environmental protection.

Mr. Khan’s experience as an information technology consultant and MS Developer allows him to design and implement database solutions for a wide range of business applications. His ability to train, write, and explain technical issues empowers clients with deeper understanding which leads to more efficient workflow and system design. His experience as an SQL Server and MS Access Developer and expert has benefited a diverse range of clients, including Nolte Associates, California State Coastal Conservancy, Alpine Holdings, and Larkin Street Youth Services.


  • SQL Server administration and installation
  • MS Access database design
  • Data security, backup, and recovery
  • Application development
  • Report development
  • Database-backed web solutions


  • IT support for small and medium businesses.  MS Access support and development, SQL Server configuration, installation, and maintenance, system testing, VB.Net application development.
  • Technical writing.  Proposals, project estimates, user manuals, and technical guides.
  • Administrative support.  System analytics, database design with MS Access & SQL Server 2008, user mentoring, and network security for youth services and environmental organizations.
  • Data tracking.  SQL Server installation, backup procedure management, report and form design, data capture automation.
  • Civil and infrastructure engineering support.  SQL Server database development and maintenance, report creation using MS Access, job scheduling, custom Outlook forms.
  • Develop, test and deploy SQL Server DDL, stored procedures, triggers, indexes, views and ETL (Extract Transform and Load) scripts.


  • Bachelor of Business Administration, California State University in Sacramento.