Customer Profile

Sector: Communications
Industry: Wireless Service
Revenue: $38.0 Billion

Verizon Wireless is the largest U.S. wireless company and largest wireless data provider, based on revenues. They have 67,000 employees along with 62.1 million customers.

Business Situation

Verizon provides employee training for various skilled areas at various regional locations. The training department needed an efficient and centralized method to enter and reference employee training sessions. It was important that the database be accessed and updateable by different training offices in the region. New locations and classes are often created and it was vital that the solution be user friendly so that a non-technical user could easily add a newly formed training location or class. Since the database would be accessed by users that normally only work with Microsoft Excel, the screens had to be simple and intuitive.


Employee Training Tracking System

The Microsoft Access-based solution designed by Access Programmers was exactly what the company’s training department staff needed. It was simple, but yet effective. The training department was impressed with the design and flexibility that the system provided. Prior to this system, most of the staff had never used Microsoft Access and found this system easy to use.

The team at Access Programmers built the system with the client’s best interests in mind. After implementation of the solution, the company was able to completely maintain the system without further services or assistance from Access Programmers.