We are the expert MS Access consultants, making powerful database applications for small to medium-sized organizations. Here’s how:

We start with an engineering-hardened Microsoft Access database. That gives us a superbly strong, stable, affordable and flexible platform to build upon.

We draw from our experience in building more than 800 custom business applications to reduce the cost and speed the development of your application.

From familiarity with best-practice business processes, to having a vast array of pre-built modules that speed development (and reduce cost), our 15 years as Access consultants enables us to confidently say this:

No one delivers custom-built, database-driven business applications
as quickly and  economically as Help4Access.

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So, what does “engineering hardened” mean?

It means our application development incorporates special design elements that significantly extend the out-of-the-box limitations of Microsoft Access.

(We provide a little “Help4Access.” Get it? Thank you!)

That allows us to build MS Access-based applications that:

  • Feature stronger security capabilities
  • Enable increased numbers of concurrent users
  • Offer increased ease-of-use through more intuitive navigation

These design modifications allow Microsoft Access to power even hard-used and mission-critical business applications that otherwise would require more sophisticated and vastly more expensive databases, such as SQL and Oracle.

And it gets even better. In fact, it gets much better.

Because we are able to expertly program MS Access for custom business application development, we get to take advantage of its extraordinary RAD capabilities.

MS  Access was the first (and is still the best) Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool. Since its introduction in 1992, Microsoft has been perfecting Access as a versatile database for customized use. Versatile is the key word in that last sentence.

Our MS Access programmers can easily connect your application to just about any software. MS Access’s extensibility means your custom-designed business application can connect to legacy systems, accounting systems, reporting systems, personal devices, other databases, the web, you name it.

Now you can have a business application that delivers game-changing power:

  • Ultra-accurate, cost-saving automation of business processes
  • Super-efficient resource tracking and management
  • Invaluable insight into organizational performance

These are the kind of things that provide a razor-sharp competitive edge.

And it all starts with a marvelous piece of software that you probably already own.

Microsoft Access.

And, of course, a little Help4Access.

Find out just how affordable a custom-built business application can be.

Call or write today for a free consultation by one of our top MS Access programmers.

More than 800 custom-designed applications on the job

Our custom business applications are being used by hundreds of organizations, from Fortune 500 firms to nonprofit social service agencies.

Some of the things our applications are doing:

  • Tracking and reconciling daily trading commissions for a privately-held stock futures trading firm
  • Managing loan risk by automatically monitoring and reporting individual loan performance for a regional financial institution
  • Automated tracking, analysis and reporting of profitability of menu combinations based on specific ingredient cost fluctuations, for national food-service distributor
  • Tracking and reporting sales contract issues for a global real estate development firm
  • Producing and maintaining product specification documents for a national confectionery firm
  • Tracking and managing training requirements and availability for a national telecommunications firm

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