Help4Access, provider of highly affordable, data-driven business applications, services, and Microsoft Access database design, successfully completed an application migration project that expands available functionality and enhances application accessibility for Black & Veatch.

Black & Veatch, a global, consulting, engineering and construction company headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas, worked with Help4Access to design and implement a custom application to assist in monitoring air quality at one of its California project sites.

Sasha Froyland, Help4Access Founder and CEO, made this comment about the project. “Black & Veatch needed an approach that provided a way to capture and report on the data as soon as possible to ensure that any problems with air quality would be identified and addressed immediately. However, more robust capabilities like anytime, anywhere accessibility and automated disaster recovery back-ups are back-end functions that can elongate a project timeline. This is where the versatility of our approach made it possible to do both.”

In order to achieve all the goals of the project, the requirements were split into two phases.  The first phase required the Access developer to create a custom application focused on capturing and reporting the air quality data.  Help4Access was able to rapidly respond to this need using the power of Microsoft Access. The back-end functions were moved to a second phase so that data capture and reporting could start right away.

After the successful implementation of the custom-built application, additional work was requested to improve accessibility of the application and provide additional back- end functionality. In order to make the critical data available anytime and anywhere, the application needed to be migrated to the cloud. In addition to providing enhanced accessibility, this migration made it possible to implement automated back-up of all data, enhancing disaster recovery capabilities.

“By leveraging our key competencies, our team was able to provide Black & Veatch with a two-phase approach that met all of their needs” added Froyland. “With the application in place, the Help4Access team was able to partner with Black & Veatch to migrate the application and all existing data to the cloud which increased accessibility and made it possible to address disaster recovery requirements like automated backup.”

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