We know your data can be simultaneously unmanageable, overwhelming, and yet tremendously valuable to your business.

The benefits of being able to leverage your data are of strategic importance, and the team of professionals at Help4Access wants to unlock those benefits while giving you the highest possible return on investment (ROI). With over 12 years of experience and hundreds of applications built, we know the waters better than anyone. In our tightly defined specialty, our clients from over 800 projects consider us to be the best in the world.

The Great ROI of the First Step: From Spreadsheet to Database Application

We have always concentrated our custom development on the Microsoft Access platform, because it brings the potential for a high ROI. This first step in elevating your business processes from spreadsheets or outmoded applications is where—using the efficiencies of Microsoft Access—we can deliver the most attractive ROI. We aim for our clients to realize a 1400% return on their investment in the first two years.

15x Payback over Two Years

To state that differently, our customers often see a15x quantifiable payback by way of:

  • time saved on accessing data in reports
  • avoiding the time and loss that comes with errors in spreadsheets
  • the efficiencies of better workflow
  • and struggling with spreadsheets that are being used beyond their natural threshold.

We can achieve this in large part because of our accumulated knowledge and expertise. All our clients benefit from extensive, proprietary pretested libraries of database application code modules—the Help4Access Bolt-On Library—that we developed over the course of more than 800 development projects. With Help4Access Bolt-On functions, a substantial part of your project is already completed, since nearly all database applications require many of the same foundation capabilities which are not native to the database platform itself.

The portion of your application which is unique to your organization will also be designed, coded and delivered efficiently because we have the experience and perspective to act as your guide. We can and will propose workflow, features, processes, reports and options which we have seen benefit clients in the past.

Navigating the waters of MS Access