A Help4Access video demonstration of the Help4Access Solution Building Blocks™ (SBB) and their standard features that come in every new Microsoft Access database application Help4Access develops.  This video is often used to train new users on the standard features of their pending custom database application to ensure they are ready to use their new database application the very first day it’s deployed.

 Training Video

Help4Access Competitive Advantage

When you buy Microsoft Access and install it on your computer the product is like an empty Excel spreadsheet.  Help4Access Solution Building Blocks contain database management features which every production ready application should contain but don’t come standard in the retail version you buy at the store.  Help4Access has developed, tested and deployed these Solution Building Blocks on hundreds of our custom software solutions and add them into every custom database application we develop.

Project Jump-Start

By starting every custom database application project with the Help4Access Solution Building Blocks, your project is that much closer to being complete before we even start programming your unique business logic.  These standard database management features are available to every customer for free and substantially reduce training costs and development costs.

Help4Access Solution Building Blocks Standard Features:

1.  Login Screen & Multi-layer Security:  Allows the application administrator the ability to easily assign forms and reports to different users and groups reducing the risk that a unqualified user may edit or view data they are not assigned.

2.  Audit Trail:  Every time a record is added or edited the system stamps the record with the data and time of the event and marks the record with the user’s name.  This feature is very important for SOX compliance and internal quality control.

3.  Logical Delete – Allows the application administrator to mark records which show up in drop down lists as not available for use, in effect, logically deleting the record from future use by the users without physically deleting the record from the database.  This feature is important because it preserves the natural history, integrity and consistency of the data within the database.

4. Navigation – Switchboard & Sidebar:  Standardized navigation increases productivity and reduces training and development costs.

5.  Search, Find & Filter:  Ad Hoc query allow a consistent user experience and the ability to drill down and across data within the system while keeping the system secure and free from the chance a user may accidentally alter the application code.

6.  Sorting – Ascending and descending:  Allows the application administrator the ability to set the sort order of any drop down list to ascending, descending or custom.  Often, this feature is used to insure that the most often used items appear at the top of the list which increases user productivity and data quality.

7.  Records Management – Create, Save, Print, Edit, Delete and export to Excel records within the database.  This feature increases user’s productivity and decreases training and development costs.

Your IT Department will be grateful your Help4Access database application includes these standard features which reduce maintenance costs and lowers the software’s total cost of ownership.

We give Microsoft Access a good name!