Many times when people start to talk about software and software platforms, others’ eyes tend to glaze over, simply because of the stereotype that technology is boring and unrelated to everyday life. But this simply is not true. Help4Access and their expert MS Access developers have helped companies and organizations of all industries achieve greater success and function more efficiently. But Help4Access’s influence reaches farther: Through their software and ingenuity, they are helping others save lives, provide better healthcare, and help students reach their potential.


Save Lives

Recently, Help4Access partnered with LifeWatch Services, Inc. LifeWatch monitors patients with cardiac issues all over the world. And thanks to Help4Access’s MS Access developers and their work, LifeWatch is able to avoid technical issues that could indirectly due to poor software applications, be fatal to patients. Help4Access is not only proud to say that their work on LifeWatch’s complex and large database has helped LifeWatch be more successful, they have also been indirectly able to save lives.

Providing Better Care

Matrix Medical Network is another healthcare client of Help4Access. Matrix provides in-house or in-facility health assessments of patients for insurance and medical service providers: these assessments help patients get better care. Help4Access’s system not only alleviated the nurses from using poorly built systems that were cumbersome to use, but also to have greater information at their fingertips, allowing the nurses to have more information and more attention to their patients, patients benefited in better assessments and thus better treatment and quality of life.


To Achieve Career Success

Cornell University’s Department of Food Service needed a database to that would enable students both past and present to fully achieve their academic and career goals, and faculty needed to be able to provide the best education and aid their students in their goals. Help4Access provided a database that was within the department’s budget while also meeting their needs.

Provide Better Individualized Education

Fannin County Special Education SSA, near the Texas and Oklahoma border, serves 10 school districts and provides special education to 800 children in that county. Because of the nature of special education and providing the needed individualized education, teachers needed to spend a lot of time filling paperwork and forms; Sara Barker, the director, wanted to find a better way to not only keep up with the paperwork, but to also eliminate the amount of time spend on paperwork so the teachers could spend more focused attention on their students.

Help4Access built a database that met these requirements, but also ran  the needed reports and accessed data well. Because of Help4Access’s expert MS Access developers, children in Fannin County can have a better education and a chance at success.

Track Valuable Data

The Kipp Foundation is a network of schools that serves 33,000 student nationwide and aids in the decision-making process for administrators, by providing easily accessible data needed for decision-making and having best practices. Help4Access was not only able to fulfill the needs of the KIPP’s current database, but also able to accommodate compatibility with past databases still needed. Because of a database designed specifically by Help4Access with KIPP’s needs in mind, KIPP are able to provide better education for students and thus more success.

Help4Access Can Help You

These are just a few of the many companies and organizations that Help4Access’s expert MS Access developers have aided. Read more about their clients and the industries they serve here. Harnessing the latest in technology and the years of experience of their engineers, Help4Access can help your company go farther than it ever has before, and beyond where you’ve ever dreamed.