Help4Access, provider of highly affordable, data-driven business applications, services, and Microsoft Access support, successfully develops custom-built database application for Cornell University’s Department of Food Science.

Cornell University’s Department of Food Science is part of Cornell’s Graduate School Program.  Students with an undergraduate degree that are interested in pursuing an advanced degree in Enology, food science, can enroll in one of four programs, PhD, MS, MPS, or the Summer Scholar Program.  In order to provide the best academic experience for their students and the level of support desired to their alumni, the Department of Food Science needed a customized technology solution that would meet their requirements without breaking their budget.

Cornell’s Department of Food Science turned to Help4Access because of their reputation as a trusted partner and provider of custom database software applications.  In order to support the academic goals of the department and the ongoing needs of both students and alumni, a custom application needed to be developed.  The application would need to provide functionality supporting the four different food science programs.  Additionally, any solution had to be versatile enough to add value for both current students and alumni and provide a wide range of services ranging from academic planning to financial reporting.

According to Sasha Froyland, Help4Access Founder and CEO, “The Food Sciences Program realized that in order to effectively and efficiently handle the needs of both their students and alumni, they needed a comprehensive data-driven solution.  Microsoft Access, the fastest prototyping tool in the world, was the perfect platform to rapidly build the custom data functionality the program required at a fraction of the cost of purchasing, modifying, and implementing an off-the-shelf solution.

Help4Access’s engineering team wasted no time working with the department’s subject matter experts in order to gain a solid understanding of the project’s high level business requirements.  This detailed understanding enabled them to design the right solution to meet the program’s needs.  By leveraging the power of Microsoft Access in conjunction with MS Excel, the team rapidly turned the pre-approved business requirements and conceptual design into a high-quality solution, completely customized to meet the needs of the Food Science Program.

“By leveraging the core competencies of our team, we were able to provide the Food Science Program with comprehensive functionality tailor-made to meet their needs.” added Froyland. “Working closely with the team members from the University made it possible to provide a rapidly developed, fully customized solution that met all of the program’s needs.”

The Help4Access team designed and built a Microsoft Access solution that provides customized functionality to support the Food Science Program; tracking the progress of each student as they complete their courses and degree requirements, allowing for continued tracking and support even after graduation.  The application supports the needs of all four programs and provides functionality for academic planning, exam administration, project tracking including deadlines, and annual reports requiring financial information.

Froyland added “For educational institutions, custom-built solutions using Microsoft Access are a cost-effective way to meet their technology needs.   The custom solutions presented by Access developer Help4Access use the Microsoft platform offer the perfect option for exceptional performance and comprehensive functionality, balanced by low cost and low risk. Solutions such as this allow educational institutions like Cornell to get what they need without spending precious dollars on big pre-made packages, where they pay for many extraneous features they don’t need.”

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