Help4Access, a provider of highly affordable, database-driven business applications and services,  successfully develops Air Monitoring database application for Black and Veatch.

Black & Veatch is a global engineering, construction and consulting company headquartered in Walnut Creek, California.   The company has been helping create tailored infrastructure solutions for clients for more than 100 years.  Black & Veatch is working with the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) on a project to replace a large local dam (Calaveras Dam Replacement Project Air Monitoring System).  There is a risk during the course of the project that construction activities will cause an increase to air pollutants that are harmful to the community.

In order to mitigate this risk, Black & Veatch and the SFPUC put a comprehensive air monitoring program in place.  In order to administer this monitoring program, a data-driven solution was needed for capturing, tracking, and reporting on the results of air monitoring tests.

Black & Veatch turned to Help4Access to build a custom air quality monitoring database application to manage the administration of the air quality testing.

According to Sasha Froyland, Help4Access Founder and CEO, “Black & Veatch presented an interesting challenge that is more common in the construction industry than in some other industries.  Many of the projects we complete for our clients using Microsoft Access are a great fit for that platform because they enable clients to advance technology solutions at a fraction of what it would cost with other database technologies.  For Black & Veatch, Microsoft Access was a perfect fit because it can be rapidly developed at minimal cost, which is crucial when you are building a short-term, one-off solution.  This is another great example of how the flexibility inherent in Microsoft Access makes it the right solution for a wide range of business problems.”

Help4Access’s engineering team went to work and quickly turned Black & Veatch’s high-level business requirements, which would have required hundreds and hundreds of programming hours to satisfy with other technologies; turning it into a high-quality, custom-built air monitoring database application.

“We worked together and partnered with exactly the right team members in order to complete this critical project for Black & Veatch” explains Froyland. “Our business analysts worked tightly with the Black & Veatch and SFPUC teams in order to get down to the detail in the business requirements.  Our engineering team then worked tirelessly to deliver a rock-solid system customized to unique requirements. ”

The Help4Access team developed a new MS Access database application enabling Black & Veatch to store, track and report on air monitor testing data that was critical to the success of their overall air monitoring program. The custom application developed by Help4Access, made it possible for Black & Veatch to deploy a comprehensive analytical solution that provided the flexibility and control needed to effectively monitor the air quality around the job site and identify any potential problems with air quality long before they became a public health concern.

Froyland added: “Custom-built solutions that use MS Access 2010 are cost-effective alternatives for companies in construction and other industries that require highly customized solutions.   Custom software solutions developed by Help4Access on the Microsoft Access platform have the perfect balance of performance, low cost and rapid development that all come together to deliver a very high rate of return.”

About Help4Access
Help4Access is a provider of highly affordable, data-driven business applications and services. Over the past 15 years the company has built more than 800 custom applications for a wide variety of businesses, educational institutions and nonprofit organizations.

Founded by Sasha Froyland, Help4Access has successfully completed over 800 custom database application solutions for companies ranging in size from large Fortune 500 to small start-up companies in every industry. Help4Access is a Microsoft Certified Partner and focuses on delivering Microsoft Access solutions.

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