Help4Access, provider of highly affordable, custom built data-driven business solutions, donates 100% of the software cost for ClientCare360 in order to help children and adults with developmental disabilities.

ClientCare360 is a comprehensive client management and billing system designed specifically for special needs service providers.  Help4Access created the ClientCare360 package and proudly continues to support and maintain it today.  In order to make this type of functionality available to all special needs providers, Help4Access provides the software itself at no cost.  Naturally, there are costs associated with hosting and customization, but by providing the software package at no cost, Help4Access makes it possible for special needs providers to get the functionality they need in order to more efficiently and effectively administer care while keeping costs low.

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Many special needs providers are operating on limited funding while still striving to provide the best possible care for their clients.  This often leaves little left over for investing in technology solutions that can increase efficiency and improve client care.  As a result, many providers operate using a patchwork of functionality, pulled from many different applications like spreadsheets and email; requiring them to jump from one application to another to complete a single task, re-enter information multiple times, and construct reports manually.  This way of operating is very manually intensive and takes up time that could be better spent providing care or services to clients.  ClientCare360 provides the perfect affordable solution.

The ClientCare360 client management and billing software offers a comprehensive, 360-degree view of each client.  For special needs providers that are dependent on public funding, much-needed technology can often exceed their budget. But, as many providers have found, it isn’t possible to effectively manage a client load in the thousands with a hodge-podge of disconnected excel spreadsheets, reporting tools and email.  At some point, the quality of care begins to suffer and providers find they cannot help everyone who needs them simply because they cannot administer that many clients manually.

In order to meet the varied needs of special needs providers, ClientCare 360 offers 6 completely integrated components: admittance, assessment, program placement, grant funding, attendance, and financial reporting.  By centralizing and integrating these functions, ClientCare360 makes it easy for special needs providers to enter, access, and report on their data, manage their client load, perform all billing tasks, and create a myriad of reports.

By streamlining certain processes, ClientCare360 improves billing capabilities offering a significant impact on cash flow, resulting in a decrease in overall operating costs. Providers can achieve additional cost savings because of the centralized client database provided as part of the ClientCare360 software.  Capturing and storing all client data in a single location eliminates duplicate entries and makes it easier for managers and administrators to find the information they need and produce the reports they require.

Similar packages offered by competing vendors charge as much as $130 per client.  But, according to Sasha Froyland, ClientCare360 founder, “With ClientCare360 we have developed a cost-effective product that makes a centralized client management system available to special needs providers.  The package saves them both time and money by increasing cash flow and allowing them to provide better care to their clients.” Froyland goes on to say “We are VERY proud that we can provide such a comprehensive product to a well-deserved market.”

Would your organization benefit from ClientCare360? Click and see, it’s FREE.

About ClientCare360

Founded in 1997 by Sasha Froyland, ClientCare360 provides comprehensive client management and billing functionality designed to meet the specific requirements of special needs service providers. The package offers a 360-degree view of the client and client billing capabilities in a single, easy-to-use cost effective solution which helps to reduce operating cost, improve cash flow, and enhance customer care.

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