Help4Access Solution Building Block Library helps you win on functionality, quality (risk), and cost

Several weeks from today, when your department is up and running on a bug-free application that Help4Access custom built from your requirements, your solution will be more powerful due to the Help4Access Solution Building Blocks™ (SBB) library. This is a large set of value-added, data management capabilities that elevate an application to enterprise-class caliber.  SBB Video

With appropriate modules from the Solution Building Blocks™ library, your custom solution will be of higher quality; faster, more reliable, and more efficient. Your costs—both up-front and lifetime TCO—will be considerably reduced.

A key enabler for rapid delivery of powerful custom database solutions: the Help4Access – Microsoft Access Solution Building Blocks™ library provides:

  1. Security at multiple levels: database and form-level, including identity and usage permission for multiple users and administrators
  2. Ad hoc query and reporting including drill-down, without need for IT support and the ability to search for a record or set of records by any field criteria
  3. Data auditing and SOX compliance which are requisites for a range of financial, reporting, and patient/client care-related applications
  4. Record maintenance enhances the usability of Microsoft Access data management functions. It simplifies a range of operations such as add, update, delete, refresh and numerous others, with consistency across all screens
  5. Navigation comprises of a set of features that give users a consistent, intuitive experience on all input and reporting screens throughout a database application
  6. Data input validation rules such as a date range, address verification, phone number formatting and others ensure business process execution and continuity

These are crucial features to have in any application that you want to be usable day-to-day, to perform valuable business processes and handle valuable data correctly. Why aren’t they in Microsoft Access to start with?

The need for Solution Building Block features

Relatively few people understand that Microsoft Access is a powerful programming language. Most people presume that because it is bundled with some Microsoft Office packages, Access is an application—but it isn’t. When you open Access, you don’t ‘have a database.’ Instead, you have tools to quickly make a database.

Microsoft Access is a blank slate. You can program very powerful applications using this foundation, but it is important to know that Microsoft Access is—until you create something with it—a barebones foundation.

To take just one set of features from the Solution Building Block Library—multi-level and form security—unless you program those into Access, a database you create with it has no security. If you attempt to build an application in-house, without security features, for an agency that handles client health data, you are road-blocked due to HIPAA privacy requirements.

What is the value of the Solution Building Block Library to you, as a Help4Access client?

The answer depends on your point of view. If you asked a typical IT Services company to recreate the Help4Access Solution Building Block Library, your invoice would be in the range of $80,000 to $120,000. However, it is unlikely their code would have been tested and refined through more than 800 other MS Access projects. In essence, they would be giving you Version 1.0, whereas Help4Access is giving you a highly mature, refined and bug-free version—think “fifth generation.”

Based on the number of programming hours invested in creating and testing the Help4Access Solution Building Block Library, with its hundreds of thousands of lines of programming code, a value of $400,000 is indicated.

If you have a budget between $10,000 and $40,000 for a custom software solution, you cannot afford to develop the Help4Access Solution Building Blocks, and you don’t have to because we give them to you for free.

Your company will take advantage of our half-million dollar investment and the 876 clients who came before you. They have reduced your project risk significantly.

This has the added benefit of allowing us to concentrate on the aspects of your project which are relatively unique to your company and on your set of business processes.

What’s the end effect of the Solution Building Block Library, for you as our client?

The comprehensively refined and hardened Help4Access Solution Building Block capabilities bring Microsoft Access up to, and in some cases, surpass the level of enterprise-grade databases such as Oracle and SQL Server—which often cost $200,000 to $500,000 for a finished custom Oracle application plus an annual subscription fee ranging from $50,000 – $125,000 per year. Not true with custom database applications built by Help4Access where our average project cost is about $25,000.

Speed is another byproduct: Help4Access Solution Building Block capabilities are usable out-of-the-box, today. To look at it differently, a major portion of your project is already complete and ready.

Without Help4Access Solution Building Block features, most of our clients would end up paying a consultant to program in features such as reporting and analytics, or exports of data to Excel. The end result would not be as robust and proven as Help4Access Solution Building Block modules.

Increased ease of use and optimal display

With Help4Access Solution Building Block features, your training of end users will be simplified. On all of our 800-plus projects we have followed the universally known and understood Microsoft interface conventions. Your users will adopt and adapt easily.

Help4Access Solution Building Blocks also take advantage of the specific display hardware your company uses. It maximizes usage of your on-screen real estate. For example, if your standard-size display is 32 inches, your custom application will arrive configured to capitalize on that screen size.

What will you pay for the use of Help4Access Solution Building Block modules?

Help4Access Solution Building Block code serves only to reduce your project cost and risk. We don’t charge you except for the minimal time spent “bolting in” the enhanced functionality. We derive benefit as a development firm because Help4Access Solution Building Blocks helps maintain our peerless project success rate, and decreases testing and training costs. You simply benefit from the many businesses which hired Help4Access in the past.