The first step is to track down all MS Access database applications. Then, analyze them to understand their level of risk to the organization. Then, interview business stakeholders to validate findings and then continue with a deeper analysis and assessment followed by developing a plan to mitigate and manage risk of those MS Access applications which pose a threat to critical business functions.

Treatment Plan – Two Places to Start

Perform the steps outlined within the protocol to discover, assess and treat the problem. Depending on the breadth and depth of the client environment, a treatment plan should start at the earliest stage and work through each Stage. However, if the client environment is relatively small and the critical database applications have already been identified, then treatment can focus on the high-risk application(s) and proceed with developing a plan for mitigating their risk, thereby skipping the preliminary stages of discovery, analysis and interview.

Comprehensive Solution

This protocol leverages a set of system solutions, a proven approach, and a dedicated team of MS Access Solution Architects.

In addition, it was developed as a comprehensive solution for mitigating and managing the risk of one, hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of Microsoft Access database applications living within a client’s network.  The combination of a divide-and-conquer approach, proprietary tools purpose-built for discovery, analysis, conversion, migration and deployment as well as the dedicated team of senior Microsoft Access consultants at Help4Access insures the best probable outcome.