Everyone knows that few things boost organizational intelligence and efficiency like a database-driven business application.

These tools have revolutionized markets and industries by eliminating guesswork, delivering insights, sharpening communication, and advancing the speed and quality of our work.

So, why do so many businesses under-estimate these powerful, invaluable tools?

One word: expense.

In many instances, it is simply cheaper to continue to do things manually than to pay dearly for the design and implementation of an enterprise software application.

Often, many organizations will employ small makeshift solutions, perhaps designed by a staff “guru” on Excel spreadsheets or a Microsoft Access database. Although these fixes provide spot assistance in tracking resources or performing complex calculations, they provide little if any organizational value beyond that.

And, of course, when the “guru” retires or moves on, the solution is often lost as well.

Best-kept Secret of Information Technology?

One of the best-kept secrets of Information Technology is the fact that advances in Microsoft Access, coupled with the artful teamwork of skilled MS Access developers, designers and database engineers, enable it to be used for the development of highly effective and efficient business applications suitable for all but the largest needs of an enterprise.

As you might expect, this is not something that the providers of pricey enterprise database applications are keen to talk about.

The difference between a Microsoft Access-driven business application, and one designed on Oracle, SQL or other enterprise-level databases is, well . . . let’s just say the answer to that question will not boost the quarterly earnings of Oracle, IBM, or SAP!

For more than 15 years, Help4Access has built its business on the knowledge that expertly modified MS Access developers database applications will meet or exceed the vast majority of business needs.

We know that nothing will boost an organization’s efficiency or competitive edge like a well-designed business application. More importantly, we know how to make these customized Microsoft Access help make  applications affordable to most any organization.

The 4 Major Advantages of MS Access

DEVELOPMENT SPEED: MS Access was one of the first (and is still the best) Rapid Application Development (RAD) tools.

That means your business application can be up and running in a fraction of the time it would take to develop SQL, Oracle, or other enterprise database applications.

This is especially valuable for organizations that:

  • Need to respond as quickly as possible to emerging market opportunities
  • Are working within a constrained time-frame or small window of opportunity
  • Want to quickly and affordably support an initiative or opportunity that may or may not pan out.
  • Are dealing with time-sensitive regulatory requirements

In addition to reducing development time from months and years to days and weeks, the RAD approach gives you the ability to see prototypes and provide input more quickly and more often, enabling you to easily make design tweaks and changes that will result in a more effective and efficient application, all without sacrificing development speed.

RAD enables the use of time-tested programming components that not only speed the development of your application, but also reduce the need for time-consuming testing, without risking quality.

The nature of RAD projects enables designers and MS Access developers to spend more time on the logic and efficiency of the business processes your application will handle. That means more insight and increased quality in the processes and in the application.

COST: Compared to SQL, Oracle, SAP, or IBM solutions, MS Access-driven business applications save huge sums of money.

Enterprise-database solutions not only cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars per user to build, but they typically require large sums in monthly maintenance fees.

In comparison – let’s start with the fact that you probably already own Microsoft Access!  Using it to power your business applications adds exactly zero dollars to your capital budget.

Whereas tracking the usage costs associated with enterprise database solutions often involves complicated per-user or per-processor calculations, MS Access-powered applications are somewhat less complicated in that there are no usage costs to track.

EASE-OF-USE: Database applications custom built by MS Access developers typically require considerable time and training before they can be effectively used.

MS Access-powered business applications are at once familiar and user-friendly. The interfaces, menus, features and functions are familiar to all but the least computer savvy—little costly training, special expertise or advanced knowledge is needed.

That not only means your customized MS Access application can be in use almost immediately, but also that it will be usable by more members of your team. Administrative assistants, sales staff, warehouse workers, even the senior C-suite crowd will be able to intuitively know how to use your business applications.

The result of customized MS Access databases is immediate with significant increases in organizational intelligence, collaboration and communication.

AGILITY AND FLEXIBILITY: Business needs and markets are constantly changing. While enterprise database solutions are typically cost prohibitive when adapting to changing requirements, MS Access-powered applications can be quickly and inexpensively modified to keep up with changing needs and to take advantage of new opportunities.

From the development phase to many years into use, your application can be altered to precisely match your organization’s most current needs.

New partners, shifting team relationships and new organizational or market affiliations won’t be burdened or complicated by your business applications. The agility of your MS Access developer customized  systems will instead help smooth and facilitate new working relationships, organizational priorities, objectives and goals.

Best of all, few business tools possess the extensibility of Microsoft Access. Your business application will be able to connect with virtually any other application, helping to provide seamless Information Technology for your organization.

Today, or far into the future, you will be able to allow your application to draw important resources and data from other systems, or contribute to and enhance the value of those other systems.

As your needs grow, your Microsoft Access-powered business application will easily scale to your needs.

Should it ever makes financial sense to take on the expense of an enterprise database solution, your MS Access-powered business application will enable fast, smooth and easy migration to any system (or cloud) you choose.