Help4Access- a provider of professional Microsoft Access Enterprise Support Services, builds custom CRM system to optimize Alameda County Mental Health Care Services’ customer care process.

Alameda County Behavioral Mental Health Care Services (ACBHCS) launched the Family Education and Resource Center in September 2021 to assist families and care givers working with people with special needs. The program has grown rapidly across Alameda County and is expected to assist over 100 clients per week when it is fully staffed.

In order to maintain consistently high levels of client service, ACBHCS realized that a Customer Relationship System (CRM) would be needed to establish, track and continuously improve client service levels. As a state funded program, ACBHCS also needed to forecast and manage program funding as efficiently as possible, as well as tracking client demographics and the programs geographic reach at a very granular level.

“This can be very challenging for community services such as ACBHCS,” explains Sasha Froyland, Help4Access Founder and CEO. “They not only need to meet the needs of their clients, but also comply with state regulatory requirements, and often within a very limited budget.”

Sasha goes on to say, “Microsoft Access is the fastest prototyping tool in the world and the perfect platform to build custom database applications rapidly and at a fraction of the price of traditionally developed software solutions.”

Help4Access’s Engineering team hit the ground running and quickly turned the ACBHCS high-level business requirements, requiring hundreds of programming hours, into a high quality custom built CRM system. The team designed an easy to use customer interface, and developed highly customizable reporting capabilities that provide visually intuitive graphs for displaying the complex geographic and demographic data.

The new system allows ACBHCS to establish service level targets, monitor ongoing client metrics, and continuously improve the level of service provided to their clients in locations across the entire county.

The CRM system also provides the ability to forecast funding requirements based on historical data and quickly allocate funds to the appropriate service areas as needs arise. Using a “just-in-time” funding approach, the system is expected to provide significant cost savings that are vital to sustaining this type of community service during ongoing budget cuts.

“The ACBHCS provides an important community service and we’re proud to deliver a custom CRM system that enables them to establish and maintain consistently high customer service levels,” says Sasha. “We’ve developed CRM systems for other government funded programs across the US and have seen dramatic improvements in the quality of client care, as well as tremendous cost savings to ensure the ongoing viability of these critical community services.”

Help4Access expects to begin rolling out the new CRM system to other counties within California in the coming months.

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