Your Existing Benefits from the Microsoft Volume Licensing Program:
You already earn credits every year for purchasing Microsoft software and maintaining subscriptions. These credits may be exchanged for Planning Vouchers.  These Planning Vouchers may be used to pay for services from Help4Access.

Our services are designed to help you plan for the migration of any legacy application built on any Microsoft technology.  Planning may include discovery, assessment, analysis and design.

Your Environment: 

After years of continued innovation, mounting technical debit constrains an organization’s ability to scale and grow.  Help4Access will clear the path forward.

Your organization may have any number of legacy systems built on a Microsoft technology.  The most common legacy applications are  found built on Microsoft Access.

A Comprehensive Solution:
I’m excited about the partnership between Microsoft and Help4Access, the collaboration and joint opportunity we have together to help your organization become less dependent on legacy technologies and reduce risk and costs by moving to the cloud or designing and deploying a hybrid on-premise / off-premise solution.

Never before has a comprehensive solution, to this age-old problem, been available, affordable and obtainable.

A History of Success:
In 2016-17, Microsoft payment vouchers were used to help Albertsons migrate over 65,000 MS Access databases and later in 2017-18 we helped Blue Shield of California migrate 800+ MS Access database applications, just to mention a couple larger efforts. From these enterprise level projects, we have sharpened our tools, refined our proven approach and developed a highly technical staff dedicated towards insuring a smooth transition to your new solution architecture.

We would love to share more details of this exciting new service during a call and answer any questions might have.

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